Tech Cleaner


Start clean with Tech Cleaner. You will thank yourself later for it!

Did you know that your car also needs a shampoo? Tech Cleaner is the best choice for all your car washing needs. With it, washing becomes simple and pleasant – and it smells so nice too! Tech Cleaner gives you the refreshing aroma of apples!

Removes dirt from the car body

Tech Cleaner is a concentrated car shampoo. It is great for removing dirt from the car body, leaving no streaks. Tech Cleaner does not contain waxes or polymers. Its low acid pH level will be ideal for cars protected with ceramic and quartz coatings. At low concentrations it does not affect waxes and sealants!

Product advantages

Cleans rims


Does not leave stains / smudges

Ease of use


Nice smell


Works in synergy with other products

Important information


1: 5 – 1:15 – care of ceramic or quartz coating
1:10 – 1:30 – hand foaming machines
From 1:50 to 1: 200 – hand washing


How to use

  • Dilute the agent as directed.
  • Apply the agent to the car with a clean and soft sponge or glove.
  • When using manual foaming machines, apply the product to the car, and then wait until the foam formed reacts with dirt.
  • Do not allow to dry, rinse the car with a pressure washer.

pH 6 – low acid pH level



Do not allow the agent to dry on the cleaned surface.

Additional instructions

Tech Cleaner will also work with contactless car washes. Just apply the product to the most stained elements just before spraying with an active foam.
To restore the hydrophobic properties of ceramic and quartz coatings, make a 1: 5 solution. Then spray it on the varnish and spread the product over the entire surface using a microfiber or microfiber glove. Finally rinse thoroughly with a power washer.

How to use the product

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