Red Dewheel


Bleeding wheel

Who would have thought that cleaning the rims and lacquer can be spectacular? And spectacular it is indeed! We introduce to you Red DeWheel, a cleaning product with character. A chemical reaction that produces the effect of a bleeding wheel is the secret to its uncompromising action.

Neutral pH

Red DeWheel is a neutral pH agent engineered specially to remove deeply embedded metallic impurities from rims and lacquered surfaces. Thanks to its gel consistency, the product stays longer on the surface, which allows removing even very old and heat treated brake pad rust and rust from rims and lacquer. The product is safe for lacquer and all kinds of rims (lacquered, chromes, polished, etc.)

Product advantages

Bleeding effect

Cleans rims

Ease of use

Ready to use

Important information


Ready to use.


How to use

  • Spray the product directly onto the surface, making sure it is covered completely. Note! Do not use on hot elements (rims, lacquer).
  • Leave on the surface and wait for the product to react (about 60 – 120 seconds). Do not allow to dry. Indoors and on cold surfaces it can take up to 10 minutes for the product to react.
  • Work the agent on the surface with a brush or sponge.
  • Rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer.

neutral pH level – 7



Do not apply the product in full sun or on hot surfaces and do not allow the agent to dry.

How to use the product

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