Leather Cleaner


Luckily, there’s Leather Cleaner!

Leather upholstery pleases the eyes of every connoisseur of stylish car interiors. Well-maintained leather seats, head restraints and backrests are a real showcase of each driver. An ugly stain on the upholstery can be a real headache.

Effectively removes dirt

Leather Cleaner is a product engineered for cleaning car leather upholstery. Thanks to its advanced formula, it effectively removes various types of stubborn dirt and stains. It does not discolour the cleaned surface and it leaves a pleasant smell. Leather Cleaner can be used regardless of the colour of the upholstery.

Product advantages


Does not leave stains / smudges

Ease of use


Nice smell

Works in synergy with other products

Important information


Ready to use.


How to use

  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply the product with a mini foamer or directly to the surface to be cleaned and start scrubbing with a delicate leather cleaning brush.
  • After cleaning, wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth and let it dry.
  • Then treat the surface with Leather Protector for long lasting care and protection.



Do not apply to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.


Additional instructions:

To increase the product’s efficiency, use the mini foamer from the leather upholstery cleaning kit.

How to use the product

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