Leather Care Kit


Demanding and delicate upholstery

Demanding and delicate leather upholstery requires professional products that can perfectly cope with dirt and at the same time impregnate delicate surfaces. The set contains all the necessary element to detail leather upholstery in the vehicle in a specialized and safe way.
Here you can find products specifically engineered for leather surfaces, as well as special cleaning accessories. Thanks to this kit leather upholstery will be clean, moisturized and protected against physical damages and dirt.

Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner does not discolour the skin and does not leave stains or smudges. It is easy to apply – the foam maker included in the set will make working with this product like a walk in the park and the leather upholstery brush will evenly distribute the agent and maximize its effectiveness. Thanks to the microfiber cloth, you can collect the excess of the agent, as well as wipe the cleaned surface dry and enjoy their original, almost brand new look.
The second agent included in the set is Leather Protector, which is dedicated for the second stage of leather upholstery detailing. The clean surface should be protected with a special impregnate. It will make the upholstery smooth and soft, and will also protect it mechanical damage and the deposition of dust and accumulation of dirt.

Product advantages


Does not leave stains / smudges

Ease of use


Nice smell

Protects the surface

Ready to use

Restores colors

Important information

A professionally compiled kit is a great offer for leather upholstery owners!


  • Leather Cleaner 0,2 l
  • Leather Protector 0,2 l
  • Leather upholstery brush with natural bristles
  • Delicate microfiber cloth
  • Soft CleanTech Co. Applicator

How to use the product

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