Interior Dressing


Start clean with Interior Dressing!

Just as clothing protects the body, so does Interior Dressing create a protective coating in the interior of your car. It is a chemical coating for synthetic components that protects, repels dust and leaves a long-lasting, fresh aroma.

Protection and care of plastics

Interior Dressing is a product engineered to protect and detail synthetic materials inside the vehicle such as plastics, PCV, carbon and rubber. It restores all elements to a natural look and additionally protects them from fading and cracking. Thanks to its water-based recipe, it will refresh the interior without leaving any streaks and white traces. Additionally, the antistatic properties and pleasant aroma will allow you to enjoy a long clean interior.


Product advantages

Does not leave stains / smudges

Ease of use


Nice smell

Protects the surface

Restores colors


Works in synergy with other products

Important information


Ready to use to get a matte effect, dilute the product with water.


How to use

  • Apply the product directly to the plastic surface or using an applicator and spread it around in a circular motion.
  • Wipe off the excess with a microfiber cloth and leave to dry.



Do not use on material or leather elements. Do not dilute the product or apply on hot surfaces.

How to use the product

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