Bug OFF!


The nightmare for every driver

Dead flies and bird droppings are a real nightmare for every driver. Worst of all, they can never be avoided. Just park your car for a moment in the city centre or take the highway and spots on your paint will appear from nowhere. Do you know any home methods to remove insects on the paintwork? Forget about them!

For such jobs you need a real superhero among car care products.

Here comes Bug OFF! – a specially engineered agent that removes insects from the car body, delicate for the paintwork and uncompromising for dirt. Start clean today!


Safe for the paintwork

Bug OFF! is a product that is safe for the paintwork. It removes insect residues and bird droppings from the body of the car. Thanks to its advanced formula it will quickly, easily and effectively cleanse the paint and other surfaces of the car from any organic impurities that can permanently damage the structure of the pain.

The specially engineered formula allows you to get different properties of the product depending on the concentration. Bug Off! insect remover works well with everyday car care (does not affect waxes) as well as with heavy dirt cleaning and full decontamination. At lower concentrations or with heavy stains, the product may have to be used several times.


Product advantages

Ease of use


Nice smell

Removes insects and bird droppings

Important information


Ready to use – heavy dirt and stains – can damage the wax
1: 1 – 1: 4 – safe for waxes, may require several uses in heavy staining


How to use

  • Spray on a cold surface.
  • Leave for about 60-120 seconds – do not allow the product to dry completely.
  • Rinse with a pressure washer.



Do not allow the product to dry on the surface, do not apply to hot surfaces.

How to use the product

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