Black gum


Start clean with Black Gum!

Would you like your car to look like it did in the showroom? To achieve such a result comprehensive detailing of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle needs to be carried out. Black Gum will make all rubber element – seals, tires and trim- look brand new or even better. See for yourself – start clean with Black Gum!

Care of all rubber elements

Black Gum is a product designed specially to care of all rubber elements in the car. It protects tires and plastic body parts, restoring them to their factory condition. The product stays on the surface for a long time, giving it a satin finish. Treated elements stay clean for longer. It prevents window and door gaskets from freezing in winter.

Product advantages

Does not leave stains / smudges

Ease of use


Gel consistency


Protects the seals

Protects the surface

Ready to use

Restores colors


Works in synergy with other products

Important information


Ready to use.


How to use

  • Clean the tires thoroughly before applying the product.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply the product directly to a dry surface or using an applicator.
  • Spread evenly and leave to dry.



Do not use on rubber mats.

How to use the product

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Black gum
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