Multiple applications

CleanTech offers products which have multiple applications. Our customers appreciate their versatility and our products – such as APC – were engineered to cater to their needs.

Are you wondering:

  • how to wash off wax?
  • how to clean the engine and engine compartment?
  • how to deal with the heaviest dirt and stains on different surfaces?


Strong, concentrated and universal product

APC is a very strong, concentrated, universal product designed for cleaning the heaviest dirt from plastics, PVC, upholstery and other interior elements. Its strong degreasing properties will help you remove the most difficult stains and impurities. It can also be used for pre-cleaning car bodies, rims and other exterior components. Perfect for cleaning engine compartments. It washes away excess waxes and sealants from the body. Does not damage the cleaned surfaces.

Product advantages

Cleans the engine compartment


Ease of use



Washes off wax

Important information


1:10 – the heaviest dirt and stains
1: 100 – light dirt and stains


How to use

  • Dilute the product as directed.
  • Apply the product to the cleaned surface and wait until it reacts with dirt (60-120 sec). Do not allow to dry.
  • Work the agent on the surface with a brush or sponge.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.

pH> 11.5 base pH level


Do not allow the agent to dry on the cleaned surface.

How to use the product

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