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Car safety barrier

The many benefits of ceramic coating have not been appreciated in many countries yet. However, any automobile enthusiast should consider trying it out. A ceramic coating for car paint makes its outer layer more durable. After all, the car paint is the first protective barrier of our car that is exposed to different weather conditions every single day.


Prevents paint aging

Water, sand or salt on roads in winter – they all contribute to car paint deterioration and lead to corrosion. A ceramic coating can successfully protect the bodywork from adverse effects of paint damage. Thanks to the protective layer, our car will shine bright much longer. The coating also reduces the harmful effects of UV radiation and the risk of micro-scratches.

Ceramic coating application

Ceramic coating

Remember to polish the bodywork thoroughly before applying the ceramic coating on a car. Do not miss any scratch or a speck of dirt. Even a brand-new car needs good washing-up and a paint finish.

Easy to apply coating

Before, you could only have a ceramic coating applied in a car detailing studio. But this is no longer the case. With Tech Coat by CleanTech, the coating application is made easy, and anyone who has some experience with car care will manage. If you feel like our ceramic coating is something for you, then our comparatively lower price will make you choose our product.

Ceramic coating – users’ feedback

Easy to wash – that is the most common benefit that users mention when talking about an effective ceramic coating. You can be sure that after applying such a protective shield, your apple in the eye on four wheels will get dirty much more slowly and the washing-up will become much easier and faster. Once you have applied the hydrophobic (water-repellent) ceramic coating, you will feel a real difference. It is because the coating is like an active armour in a modern tank. In other words, the hydrophobic layer not only protects the vehicle but also bounces the bullets. When it comes to the car bodywork, the enemy is dirt, water, bird droppings and organic waste that damage your shiny vehicle.

Ceramic coating for car paint and other car care products

Thorough car polishing

As mentioned before, you have to remember about polishing the car bodywork before applying the ceramic coating. Bear in mind that the coating application is the final step in the process of washing-up and car care and not its ultimate part.

Thorough cleaning of any dirt

We designed CleanTech with a synergy between activities in mind. That is why we recommend using Citrus Foam for pre-cleaning before purchasing our protective coatings. Later, try Tech Cleaner shampoo and use Red Dewheel for wheels and bodywork. You should wash the whole car thoroughly by removing rail dust, tar, asphalt, glue, resin, etc. Remember to wipe down the bodywork surface with an IPA solution.

Make use of full car care and see the remarkable effects for yourself!

Coating products

Tech Coat – Ceramic Coat

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