Cleaning car tires

Keep your four wheels clean.

Why is it worth


The heaviest dirt

Car detailing is not only about washing the body and cleaning the inside the vehicle. Wheels and also tyres have a considerable impact on the appearance of your car. As they as virtually in constant contact with the ground, they are often exposed to grease and hot tarmac.


Rubber damage

Regular tyre cleaning will improve their appearance and prevent aggressive substances from damaging their compound. High-quality CleanTech products were engineered to keep them in the best technical condition for longer.


Tires like new

Well-designed car washing products will also to take care of wheels and tyres. Their composition is carefully selected as not to damage the delicate rubber compound coating. At the same time, they will restore their factory condition.

Rubber surface cleaners

Professional cosmetics for tire care

Cleaning tyres with CleanTech cleaners removes even the toughest dirt. The most effective products contain many acidic detergents. Due to the acidic pH level, the cleaning process is quite dynamic.

Remember that

Therefore, you should apply the products with care to prevent it from coming into contact with paint. After the time indicated on the product packaging has elapsed, the wheels must be rinsed with a power washer.

Fresh look, nice fragrance

Wheel cleaners leave a pleasant smell and are also very efficient. Our products usually come in the form of a concentrate, which allows you to dilute them to your own needs. Additionally, thanks to their concentrated form you can remove dirt locally.

CleanTech products can also be used to clean tyre repair kit residue and restore the intense black colour of the rubber compound.

Regular tire cleaning


Don't count on rain

Often, drivers do not pay much attention to the cleanliness of their tyres thinking that they will be cleaned by road water. This is not the best approach, because such water may contain a lot of chemical compounds that destroy the rubber.

This may include road salt or various vehicle fluids. Therefore, frequent tyre cleaning will ensure perfect technical condition for much longer.


How to clean tires

A lot of people wonder how to clean their car tyres not to damage them? High-quality products from our range are the answer. You can also reach for additional accessories; such as brushes with soft bristles


Tire cleaning pros

Regular tyre washing prevents the rubber compound from cracking.

In addition, a clean tyre surface will allow you to notice mechanical damage and foreign elements much easier.

Tire cleaning products

Tire and Rubber Cleaner

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