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Clean tyres speak volumes about the driver of the vehicle. Often the valuation of the car is carried out based on a preliminary assessment of their technical condition.

A nice paintwork and an air fresher are not enough to consider a car well maintained. Tyre maintenance and care also important.



Tyres in a car are an area worth paying special attention to, because their quality affects driver safety. Therefore, a good quality tyre care agent should not only improve the appearance of the rubber compound the tyres are made of. It must also ensure its proper protection against mechanical damage and rapid wear.

Such products can be found in the CleanTech range, so start clean and take care of the quality of your wheels.

How to maintain tires?

Professional cosmetics for tire care and home remedies

Well-maintained tyres have an intense black color and a slightly shiny surface.

Especially the latter is a proof of the high quality and health of the tyre compound. A lot of online experts tell you how to make your tyres shine using home methods.

However, one should bear in mind that none of the products available at home has a formula similar to car cosmetics which are specially engineered for this purpose.

Tire cleaning

One of the car detailing products in our range is a tyre care agent which maintains the tyre rubber compound. Tyre blackener is a cleaning product that improves the appearance of the rubber parts of a car. First of all, such products restore the perfect look of tyres.

They can also be used to protect door seals from freezing and to clean exterior plastic elements of your car. The tyre care agent contains specially engineered components that do not react with the tyres on a chemical level and do not damage the rubber.

What you should know when maintaining car tires

Where to start?

Proper tyre care, which involves the use of a good quality tyre care product, is just one of the stages of wheel detailing.

All work related to applying the product to the tyre should be carried out after it is washed thoroughly. Only a clean and dry tyre can be waxed.


It is also important to focus on cleaning the tread. Waxing this part of the tyre should be avoided and only the sides should be treated with tyre wax. Applying a greasy product on the part of a tyre that comes in contact with the road can lead to dramatically reduced vehicle control.

Pros of regular grooming

Regularly applied tyre wax protects the rubber compound against cracking and drying. It also creates a protective film against sunlight, which is harmful to the rubber.

What’s more, it makes cleaning the rubber compound much easier and restores its elasticity even after first use.

Choose CleanTech products and you won’t have to worry about weak, grey tyres ever again.

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