Cleaning car rims

Shining clean rims are a true showcase of every car.

Why is it worth


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Rims are one of the parts of the car that are exposed to dirt the most, since just like tyres, they are in contact with road surface and all dirt accumulated on it.


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In addition, they are also often exposed to their own pollution, which becomes scorched dust from brake blocks. That is why it is worth reaching for a high-quality preparation for cleaning steel and aluminum rims, which will help maintain their proper effect.

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How to clean aluminum rims?

How do you clean aluminium rims not to damage them?

It is best to use a rim cleaner that has a neutral or a low acid pH level, which makes it safe for the cleaned surface. In our assortment you can find a universal pre-cleaner. It will also work great as an aluminium rims cleaning agent. Doing a pre-wash will allow the cleaning agent to remove most of the dirt, including greasy stains.

Clean rims are something to be proud of

Aluminium rims are lighter than steel ones. Thanks to this characteristic, they put a lesser strain on shock absorbers, swing arms and even slightly reduce the fuel consumption.

However, for every car enthusiast their appearance is most important. This part of the car can completely change its look and this is why proper cleaning of aluminium rims is extremely important.

Homemade way, and neat rims

Many drivers wonder how to clean aluminium rims? The most commonly recommended home method on Internet forums is to use toilet cleaning detergents. Unfortunately, these agents have a high acid pH level and can damage the rims.

This cleaner will remove even the worst stains.

Where to start?

Only after a pre-clean, when all basic dirt and stains are removed, can you proceed to the next stage of rims detailing

How do you clean aluminium rims from dark sludge?

Using of course one of the products from our range engineered specially to clean deep metallic stains. Thanks to its neutral pH level, you can safely wash alloy, metal and even chromed rims without damaging them.

Rims like new

Products designed for the toughest dirt can be used to remove seized dust and rust stains caused by brakes. They are also perfect for cleaning tar stains or other difficult dirt.

During their use the bleeding rim effect can be observed which indicates a chemical reaction that occurs on the surface of the wheel.

This way, even hot treated dirt is removed, and the rim looks brand new. Now that you know how to clean alloy rims, start clean and take care of their beautiful look.

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