Car rim care

Make your car stand out from the crowd thanks to well-kept rims.

Why is it worth


Highlight the character of the car

Car rims are one of the most interesting elements of a vehicle. Thanks to them each car will stand out from other copies of the same model. If properly selected, they can emphasize the sporty silhouette of the car or underline its off-road character. Most importantly, they speak volumes about the interests and aesthetic sense of the owner. Therefore, it is so important to properly protect your rims.


Rims for years

Regular care of alloy wheels, especially those coated with a decorative coating, will keep them clean for longer. It will also affect their visual appearance and protect them from corrosion. Needless to say, it will also allow you to enjoy a spectacular-looking and one of a kind car.

Aluminium rim maintenance

Rim wax

Steel wheels are said to be very durable and resistant to any damage. Therefore, their care is usually limited to washing and seasonal sanding.

Aluminium wheels will require much more attention and care. Due to the characteristics of this material and the fact that often their surface is painted, choosing the right wax for aluminium rims is quite important. With the help of such a product you can protect their coating against the heaviest dirt.

Regular care

Regular maintenance of aluminium wheels should be carried out at least once a month. This helps reduce the brake dust to bite into the surface of the rim. This is one of the archenemies of aluminium wheels.

Therefore, waxing rims will prevent most of the dust from sticking to them. Choosing a high-quality wax from the CleanTech range is the right thing to do. Apart from protecting your rims, CleanTech wax also will not damage their surface during application.

Painted and polished rim care


Where to start?

It is worth remembering that rims can get very hot while driving. This is why their care should be carried out only after they have cooled down. Otherwise, chemical products may cause stains on their surface.

The first step of rim care is to clean them thoroughly with rim cleaners from the CleanTech range. Only after all dirt is removed and the rim is dry, wax can be applied.


Protection of polished aluminum

Polished rims that do not have a protective lacquer layer require particular attention. Chromed wheels and delicate lacquer coatings may require similar products.

Maintenance of polished aluminium should be carried out much more often than of standard aluminium wheels. They are more prone to the harmful effects of corrosive agents and brake dust. This type of wheels should be waxed as often as once a week or after every long journey. Ceramic coating of rims is an interesting solution as it protects the wheel even better. The structure of wheel ceramic coating is similar to the one used on the paintwork.

Rim care products

Easyone spray wax

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