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The aesthetics of the car is not only a washed body and shiny paint.

Why is it worth

An aesthetically pleasing car is not only about a clean body and shiny paint. Of course, washing the outside of the vehicle is extremely important and the effect can be very impressive.

However, detailing the interior of the car should be an equally important procedure. Regular care with the use of correct cleaning products can help keep your vehicle clean for so much longer.

Driving a clean car is, without a shadow of a doubt, much more pleasant.

In this group you will find products which will help you clean and protect the dashboard and interior plastic components. Thanks to the high quality of our products, your car will remain in great condition for a long time. Clean and unstained upholstery will also raise the value of the vehicle.

Are you wondering how to clean the car interior? Start clean with CleanTech products!

Universal cleaning agents for car interior

Cleaning the dashboard and plastic parts

The dashboard, plastic door trimmings and other plastic elements are one of the larger components of the interior of any car. These elements are usually dark and dust particles are very visible on their surface.

In that case, how to clean plastic elements in the car? The CleanTech store offers products designed specially to clean such elements. A universal plastic cleaner for cars, which can also be used for upholstery is one of them.

Cleaning upholstery

Upholstery is the second and equally important element of the vehicle’s interior. If your car is fitted with fabric upholstery, we have upholstery detailing products to suit your needs. The composition of such products is specially engineered for this task. An effective upholstery cleaner from our offer will help you get rid of annoying dirt and stains. Thanks to it cleaning the interior of your car will be pleasant and effective and the agent will not leave any stains or marks.

Cleaning leather car upholstery


Professional cosmetics for cleaning car upholstery

Leather upholstery requires special products. If you want to detail the leather upholstery in your car make no mistake and choose advanced leather care products from our offer.

Effective cleaning of the car interior is possible thanks to their meticulously engineered composition. You can rest assured that our products will not damage the leather’s structure and they will not change its colour. At the same time, all stubborn dirt and marks will disappear.


Upholstery cleaning foam

One of the products in our offer is a highly effective leather upholstery cleaning foam. The bottle is equipped with a convenient applicator which ensures precise product application.

Leather protection oils are the main ingredient of yet another leather valeting product from our offer.


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User reviews confirm its high quality and effectiveness. Now everyone can make their leather interior look brand new.

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