Car interior care

A well-kept car interior is as important as a clean exterior and shiny rims.

Why is it worth

When cleaning the car, it’s also worth to focus on the individual parts of the interior.

Car leather and dashboard care with the use of high-quality products can considerably extend their life and make them look stunning. As a result, the car will remain in excellent condition and keep its value.

Maintenance of leather upholstery

Preparation for upholstery care.

It is worth remembering that before applying a car leather care product, the entire surface should be thoroughly cleaned. For this purpose, you can use one of our interior car cleaning products.

It is also important to vacuum the vehicle so that you do not leave any sand particles and other impurities in the recesses of the seats. If you do not want to damage the surface of the seats and door upholstery, remember to always use a soft cloth or brush.

Take care of the skin in the car

The part of the interior that requires the most attention is leather upholstery. Due to its nature, a proper leather upholstery care agent is an absolute must if you want to keep it in perfect condition.

The CleanTech offer includes products that not only clean leather. They also impregnate it making your car look brand new.

Advantages of leather renovation

Detailing leather upholstery with our state of the art care products prevents it from drying out, which often results in surface cracks.

Moreover, it also stays soft and regains its natural colours and unique smell. As a result, the interior of your car will be comfortable and pleasant for everyone who enters it.

Renovation of plastic elements in the car

Start with cleaning

Interior car plastic trim restoration should always start with a thorough clean. Otherwise, applying care products will preserve the dirt on its surface.

Therefore, vacuuming the interior thoroughly and washing the plastic trim with a wet cloth is worth the effort.Only when the surface is prepared in this way can it be treated with CleanTech products.

Choose the right products

Most of the products in our store have also been designed to detail other materials. You can use them on carbon fibre or rubber surfaces.

Our products are easy to use and very efficient. They do not leave any streaks on the cleaned surfaces, and leave a pleasant smell for a long time. After restoration the dashboard and plastic trim will not attract dust. At the same time, it will be much easier to remove dust and accidental staining.

Interior care products

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