Car body cleaning

A clean car is not only about the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

Why is it worth

A clean car is not just about aesthetics. Washing the car also removes dirt and grime from the surface of the body which gradually damage the paintwork.

Using good quality car washing products will allow you to remove even the toughest dirt. This way, you will be able to maintain an excellent appearance of your car for a long time.

Moreover, its value on the second hand market will remain at a higher level. This category includes products especially engineered for washing the exterior of your car.

Car washing products

Professional car washing products

The body is the largest part of the car that is exposed to many harmful factors. Professional car washing products help remove the toughest dirt.

The CleanTech offer includes high-quality products engineered to remove the most common dirt, dust and micro particles from your paint. With their help, you will be able to remove insects, asphalt stains, dirt, grease and oil as well as rubber, glue or tar from the bodywork of your vehicle.

Car washing chemicals

Most car wash products are spot-on agents designed for specific contaminants. You just need to apply the product to a specific area and then follow the instructions.

Some products require you to wait a few minutes, during which the active ingredients remove the heavy dirt. Body care products also include car washing chemicals for both initial and final cleaning stages. These include active foams or shampoos with a specially designed formula.

Car washing product

Many people wonder which car washing product is be the best? In our offer, we focus on products that are very strongly for common contaminants and at the same time are delicate for the paintwork. Most of the products in our offer are also fully ecological and do not pollute the environment. We think that these products are the best for every car.

Window cleaners

Aesthetics and safety

One of the biggest elements of a car, right after its body, are all the glass parts. This aspect of car detailing not only makes your car look great, but it also improves driver safety.

Remove any dirt

The wide array of CleanTech store products is additionally supplemented with high-quality windscreen cleaners, which can handle the toughest dirt. You can apply them locally to exceptionally dirty areas or use them to clean the entire windscreen.

Clean windows

Our products leave no streaks and guarantee a sparkling and shiny look. A protective layer prevents your windscreens from fogging inside during rainy days. Car cleaning products also help improve window transparency. Clean windscreens give you good visibility which ultimately increases driver and vehicle safety.

Body cleaning products

Tech Cleaner
Citrus Foam
Bug OFF!
Red Dewheel
Glass Cleaner

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