Car body care

A clean and tidy rust-free car is something to be proud of.

Why is it worth


Permanent color

In order for your paintwork to always be smooth and have a vivid colour, good-quality car care products are essential. Regular and correct use of our car body care products will help you avoid those frustrating micro scratches.


Varnish in good shape

Polishing the car will even prevent the lacqeur from cracking and reduce the risk of rust patches. Impeccable paintwork increases the resale value of your car and makes reselling it so much easier.

How to care for your car?

Car polishing

It is often said that car polishing products are not very effective. Incorrect car care is a common cause of such opinions.

Before applying wax to the body, the car must be thoroughly washed. The best method is to use a pressure washer along with dedicated car washing products.

Where to start ?

Before you start polishing your car make sure you have the right products for the job.

Avoid using random items such as sponges for this job as sand particles can accumulate inside and scratch the surface of your car.

Remember to always use high-quality lacquer polish. Polishing your car with random products can have horrible consequences.

Good practice

Dirt on the paintwork cannot be dry cleaned as impurities are being rubbed into the structure of the lacquer in the process.

Waxing cannot be done on a hot body. Therefore, in summer evenings are the best time of day for this type of car care.

Effective care products


Professional car care cosmetics

The CleanTech offer includes only high-quality professional paintwork care products. Our products guarantee that polishing your car will be effective and the results will be visible immediately.

It is also worth noting that a proper car polish protects the paintwork for over a month.


Additional advantages

Hydrophobic properties are another advantage of car care products as well as synthetic wax. The body of the car will repel moisture, which prevents it from sticking to the vehicle.

Products in this group are ready to use paintwork polish kits that can be used at the same time which complements their properties. The application of our products is very easy mainly thanks to their ergonomic handle.


The cost of polishing a car

Our range of car care products includes, among others, finishing polish products. The cost of polishing a car with such a product is small, especially when taking into consideration the effects.

High-quality chemicals can bring back the colour of old and heavily damaged lacquer. In addition, they provide it with protection against the adverse effects of weather conditions, and in winter against road salt.

Body care products

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