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Why is it worth


The car looks like a showroom

Probably every driver likes the feeling of entering a brand new car. Usually, in such an interior every detail is elaborated, and every nook and cranny almost shines. However, such an impression can also be made by used cars with many years of experience. All thanks to professional cosmetics and additional accessories from the CleanTech offer.


Easier work

Car cosmetics will help to take care of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. They will also allow you to care for the vehicle, thanks to which it will stay in perfect shape for longer. However, with professional additional accessories for storing cosmetics, you can take care of even a small element of the vehicle.

Car cosmetics bag

Cosmetics in one place

Vehicle users who regularly take care of every detail of the car certainly know how much funds are needed for comprehensive car cleaning.

Often the shelves in the garage are not enough, and people who park in the open air have an even more difficult task. Therefore, one of the most important accessories should be a car cosmetics bag.

Functionality above all

The assortment of the CleanTech store includes bags that were typically created for the storage of car cosmetics.

Such accessories are made of high-quality fabric that will not be damaged during contact with cleaning agents.

The functional cosmetics bag is closed with a zipper. There are Velcro at the bottom that allow it to be attached to the trunk. Inside there are compartments where you can put bottles with preparations.

Advantages of having a bag

Such a car cosmetics bag helps drivers to organize the cleaning of the car well and to always control the level of consumption of the necessary funds.

When does a detailing kit bag come in handy?

Always at hand

The functional detailing kit bag is an accessory that will work perfectly in each professional car garage. Each driver should have one on the shelf in his garage. Thanks to it all products will always be at hand. You can always keep it in the storage under your stairs or in the attic. Thanks to its universal dimensions you can carry it in virtually every boot. When stored upright the risk of product spillage is reduced considerably.

To make life easier

The dimensions of the bag also allow it to be stored in the trunk. Chemical packages will not tip over and there will be no accidental spills.

It is also worth reaching for other additional accessories that are in the assortment of the CleanTech store. They won’t do the worst jobs for the driver, but they’ll help make them more enjoyable and easier. Start clean and reach for cosmetics and accessories for your car.

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