Get to know us better

Let’s start clean with: Hello!

We are CleanTech, a brand of professional car cosmetics.

We want you to get to know us better, that’s why we answered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

The most frequently asked question


How was CleanTech created?

The history of the brand is just like our products – simple. We love cars, and we love them even more when they are shiny and clean. We know that a lot of car owners share this love with us.

We wanted car care to be easy, fast and fun – for everyone. And we closed this desire in bottles with our logo.


What does the brand slogan mean?

The words “start clean” are addressed to anyone who wants to see their car clean and shine like brand new. And without spending much time and effort.


Who are CleanTech products for?

For everyone , really.” Professionals in auto-detailing salons, tuning enthusiasts as well as car owners value our products.


Where can I buy CleanTech?

We have several dozen distributors in Poland. You can find their contact details on this page. Our sales network is constantly expanding to include other regions of Poland and Europe. We also sell in Norway, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.


I can’t find CleanTech products in my shop. What should I do?

Ask the store to include our car cosmetics in his offer! Or order online using one of our distributors on our WHERE TO BUY page.


Everyone deserves a sparkling clean vehicle to take pride in

CleanTech is the perfect balance between uncompromising quality, ease of use and an affordable price. The versatility of use is important to us, our products can be used for various tasks and at the same time they are safe for many types of surfaces and materials.

We do not like to do any guess-work. We also want to make life as easy as possible for users, thanks to the synergy effect obtained by using several of our products in one wash.

Do you want to know more?

Go ahead and write to us by e-mail or on social media.